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Fascinated by digital transformation and changes in generational behavior, loyalty, and engagement, I speak at industry conferences, webinars, panels, and professional retreats including Singularity University, ForoGo by COFOCE, Grupo Expansión: a Time Inc. subsidiary, Localogy, and more. My focus is on Gen Z, and more recently, Gen Alpha. I share knowledge and action items to understand, attract, and engage these generations of digital natives.

Gen Z and Gen Alpha

Embracing the Challenge and Seizing the Opportunity

In an era defined by digital transformation, our ability to comprehend and cater to customer preferences with unwavering focus has become paramount. Nowhere is this more critical than in our interactions with Generation Z and Alphas—the trailblazing cohort of digital natives demanding nothing short of extraordinary experiences.
Gen Z, the first generation of the 21st century, has already come of age exhibiting unique and unprecedented digital behavior and Alphas have taken note and increased the stakes. If we want to sell, buy, collaborate, or simply engage in dialogue with them, it is essential to understand their communication mechanisms, priorities, and interests. The conference explores what captures the attention of tech-savvy individuals and how we must adapt to gain their attention, trust and loyalty.
Key Takeaways
  • 1
    Understanding what businesses do that motivate and deter Gen Z and Alphas
  • 2

    Gaining knowledge and tools that can be implemented into digital transformation initiatives

  • 3
    Reshaping mindsets and strategies to attract and retain digital natives
This is a televised interview from the Expansión Summit in Mexico City, where I talk in Spanish about why it’s crucial to focus on Gen Z in order to secure their trust and loyalty

Here is a video of a conference on how to attract and engage the new generation of consumers in front of a 1500-person audience
Here is a video of a conference on how to attract and engage the new generation of consumers in front of a 1500 person audience

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