After working in the TV industry for a decade, I transitioned into the Israeli high-tech industry to work in Marketing. The skills I had honed on movie sets in order to accurately tell the story of a character proved to be unique, relevant, and game-changing when telling the story of a product and company.

When I was working as a script supervisor, the first thing I would ask myself when reading a script or walking into a new set was, “What is bringing me closer, and what is breaking the illusion?” The general rule was that either everything made sense, or nothing made sense. In order to create a story that people follow, all elements – visual, audio, space, and time – must work together as if they were born from a natural and unquestionable connection. The same applies to successful marketing.

My journey in Marketing began as a web content producer, progressing to creative content manager, brand director, corporate marketing, and VP of marketing. I love what I do and was interviewed by Authority Magazine to share my approach where the future of marketing is honesty.

Read the interview with Authority Magazine where I share my journey and approach to Marketing

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