Pola Zen
About Me
An award-winning storyteller, Pola excels in combining technology and creativity to achieve success through meaningful experiences.

Pola's professional journey began in the film and television industry working as a director, screenwriter, and script supervisor. Her directorial debut, "Dolls and Houses", screened and collected awards at dozens of prestigious festivals worldwide, including Berlin, Seoul, New York, Barcelona, and Hamburg.

Having lived among diverse cultural landscapes in Mexico, Israel, and the United States, Pola began integrating modern technology into her work, becoming involved in the Israeli high-tech community. There she developed the first interactive content platform based on gamification principles, which became a model for future gamification platforms.

Understanding the customer's needs is a driving force. She has published reports focusing on consumer behavior where she analyzes the impact and potential of digital transformation on individuals, products, and brands.
What I do
  • Public Speaking

    Fascinated by digital transformation and changes in generational behavior, loyalty, and engagement, I speak at live and virtual events about attracting and retaining Generations Z and Alpha


  • Marketing

    I am a full-stack marketer that thrives on building and executing brand strategies, integrating performance and storytelling, and mentoring passionate teams


  • Filmmaking and Videography

    I have written and directed award-winning short films and videos for tech companies: product demos, testimonials, case studies, and more


My Interests

The once distinct line between a creative and a technologist has been blurred, making now the most interesting time in history to be both.

Increasingly, we see the impact of applying artistic skills on technical platforms with better engagement, interaction, and success.

The essence of it, however, has never changed: to create a connection through real, honest, and valuable communication between one who has a message to share and one who has the desire to listen.

  • Storyteller
  • World Traveler
  • Oolong Tea Snob
  • LP Collector
Vivian Lan
SingularityU Summit Director
Pola's conference on Gen Z and digital transformation was one of the highest rated among the 1200 attendees of SingularityU Summit in Mexico. It is an absolute must for anyone looking to connect with the digital generation and understand how to use technology to our benefit. I have continued to collaborate with her and look forward to working with her again and again.
Susan Cho
Vice President, Global Agency Strategy and Development
Whether Pola is in a start up or corporate environment leading large teams, she can pivot and adapt with speed and agility. Her leadership style and commitment to the work and people are unmatched. Everything she does meets high standard and quality every single time.
Lisa Thompson
Senior Communications Manager
I had the privilege of working for Pola, and she was, hands down, the best and most supportive manager of my career. She's also smart, decisive, and focused, which means her team always knows what the goals and expectations at any given time or in any specific project. Pola is a one-of-a-kind leader, mentor, and creative professional who elevates both the people around her and the initiatives/projects she works on.
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