Welcome to Colombia — Please follow the police officer

We landed in Bogota and the flight attendant announced that the following people needed to approach the crew. Six names, all Israeli, mine and Avri’s among them. We had been profiled. As we exited the plane, a security guard took our passports and two others escorted us into their police/immigration office. I smiled and asked what this was about but he did not smile back and only instructed to follow the officer.

The other guys were 4 Israelis, fresh out of the army. They were jittery and nervous but very cocky. I was sure they were the reason for all this. At the police they asked me to translate some questions, and then they went on to ask me those questions. Lots of them.

The woman officer took me into a room, put on latex gloves and “searched” me. Then, she searched my backpack. Every tiny little thing I overpacked. She took all my cards and IDs and gave them to an angry man behind a desk. Avri was just sitting there, waiting for his turn, as were the other 4.

For forty minutes they searched and interrogated me. The others just sat there. And then, they were done. They didn’t want to search the others — just me. They gave me back my documents after they scanned them and put them in their system, escorted us out into the main hall, and let us all go.

So out of all the guys, I am the one with the sketchy profile?