This scary thing happened today

We were in the packed subway station waiting for the train when this happened:

  1. The doors opened and a lot of people came out before we could go in. Avri was behind me.
  2. I felt someone push me inside the crowded train (I thought it was Avri).
  3. Someone pushed Avri to the side so he couldn’t get in (he told me this later).
  4. I heard some guys laugh behind me. I turned to see one of them blocking the doors so that I was stuck inside and Avri outside.
  5. The doors started closing.
  6. I pushed my way through to the doors while Avri tried to hold them open.
  7. I slid between the closing doors and they slammed in my body twice.
  8. I managed to squeeze out a second before the train took off.

I don’t know if this is a “thing” they do now of separating people to do bad stuff but it was not fun and my arms and hands hurt. If everyone has to go through one crappy scary moment I vote than this is mine and be done with it.