The worst way to start a new year.

My family usually reads my posts but this time they are busy trying to rescue people from the horrible earthquake rubble in Mexico. The request was made that we don’t saturate the internet with noise and leave it just for important messages, so I follow in silence as they organize food, equipment (tools, reflectors, tractors) and go to different sites that needed help. My family is ok. The secondary damages which we know of are pushed to the side right now. The impotence of being far away, of not having anything to say, of not being able to do anything is hard to bear, but is irrelevant compared to so many lives that changed yesterday forever. The solidarity I see there fuels my hope. I hope everyone finds the help and the hope they need right now. My thoughts and prayers are with Mexico today.

If you can help please donate here. Cadena is an NPO of aid and rescue organized by the Jewish community of Mexico. I know people who work there (my cousin, for example) and all of the money goes to the cause.