Int. Massage place in Arequipa, Peru. Day

Tuesday, 18:00

Pola and Avri go into a massage place. A woman greets them.

Pola: Hi, we wanted to know if you offer massages.

Woman: Yes, we do. For you?

Pola: No, for him (points to Avri)

Woman: Ok but not today. He can come tomorrow at 16:00.

Pola: Oh, ok. Can he come tomorrow before 16:00?

Woman: Maybe but you have to come in the morning to check.

Pola: You know what, 16:00 is fine. Let’s confirm at 16:00.

Woman: Ok but you still have to confirm in the morning.

Pola: What for?

Woman: To confirm you want the massage.

Pola: I don’t mind coming in the morning but we do want it. Please confirm that we scheduled it for 16:00.

Woman: Yes, ok, confirmed.

Wednesday, 11:30

Pola goes to the massage place. The woman is not there. A young man in an over-sized suit gets up to greet her.

Pola: Hi, is the woman in?

Young man: No.

Pola: When will she be back?

Young man: I don’t know, maybe later.

Pola: Ok, well, can you please tell her that I came to confirm the 16:00 massage?

Young man: Ok.

Wednesday, 16:00

Pola and Avri walk into the massage place. The woman gets up and looks worried.

Woman: Ooh… Oh.

Pola: Hi, we came for the 16:00 massage.

Woman: I didn’t know if you were coming so I didn’t ask the masseuse to come.

Pola: Excuse me?

Woman: I told you to confirm in the morning and you didn’t.

Pola: I came here in the morning and confirmed to a young man.

Woman: Oh, that was my son. He said you came but didn’t confirm.

Pola: But I actually confirmed yesterday. I only came this morning because you asked me to. We agreed on this yesterday.

Woman: No, yesterday you weren’t sure if you wanted to come so I suggested you think about it and come this morning, but you didn’t.

Pola: Seriously?

Woman: Yes, I waited and waited.

Pola: I don’t understand you. This is ridiculous, you are lying to my face and you should be ashamed of yourself. (this last part was not said out loud but expressed in a very deep stare which the woman did not see as she had already left).