Writing and Blogging

I write articles about marketing, consumer behavior, digital trends, and more. Here are some examples:

  • BrandMuscle Drives In-Store Traffic with Ubimo’s Location Intelligence DSP – Read here

  • Why Digital Personas Are No Longer Enough – Read here

  • Using Videos on Clothing Site’s Product Pages – Read here

  • ModCloth Cultivates a Shopping Community with Clever Use of Generated Content (UGS) – Read here

  • Couture Heavywheight Kenzo Sees 150% Increase in Online Conversion Rate – Read here

  • The Great Grocery Revolution: How to Prepare for the New Age of Digital Shopping – Read here

  • How Airlines took the “Boring” Out Of Boring Safety Videos- Read here

In 2016 I backpacked around South and Central America for 6 months. I kept a travel blog called “One Trip Pony” to share my adventures.