Comfortably Numb? Absolutely not.

In 24 hours we will be on a plane on our way back to where we flew out 6 months ago, scared, excited and not knowing what was in store. Today I have nothing left on my to-do-list except finish packing and start breathing into this change. Again, scared, excited and not knowing what is in store.
Two weeks ago, in Mexico City, I heard my best friend play guitar and sing at her birthday party in front of all her guests. When we were young we would sing together on school buses and field trips and any chance we got. She was born for the spotlight and dreamed of singing in a band but for a thousand (pretty good) reasons that never happened. And then, not so long ago, she decided that it was never too late to make a dream a reality and she got to it. Seeing her at the party, after all her hard work and overcome barriers, was one of my favorite moments of this whole trip. She did it, against all odds, and she was amazing.
Dreams come in different shapes and sizes. Some are attainable and some are not, but they are there waiting for us to at least try and reach out to grab them. We need to at least try.
I can’t summarize this backpacking adventure. Not yet. Not while it’s still on. Not without days or weeks of perspective to digest it. But one thing has become clear to me: this once-in-a-lifetime experience cannot be experienced only once in a lifetime. At least not in mine.