My biggest travel fears

I am one week away from leaving my stable(ish) life in Tel Aviv to travel around South and Central America. I should be used to huge shake-ups by now (grew up in 2 countries, moved to Israel alone at 18, huge career change at 32) and yet this time it feels scarier than ever.
My fears range from sensible to psychotic but at this point they all seem equally real and important. These are the ones on my mind this morning, in no particular order:
1- No hot water: Everyone keeps telling me that hot water is rare in South America and I didn’t think I cared but this morning I showered with cold water and it was horrible. Truly horrible.
2- Getting mugged/raped/drugged/sold to local militia: I grew up in Mexico City so I should know better. Turns out, I don’t.
3- Indifference/Boredom: I’m scared I might have lost my insatiable curiosity I used to have.
4- Losing or having my stuff stolen: I’m constantly running scenarios in my head of what to do if I lose my passport, my credit card, where I can hide emergency money (sock? shoe? bra?), how I can keep an eye on my backpack if it’s on the top of the bus and how to dial collect so that someone can save me.
5- Getting sick with malaria, cholera, yellow fever, tuberculosis, or any horrible plague we thought didn’t exist anymore but is waiting for me.
6- Being the oldest one everywhere: When I was 18 and volunteering in a kibbutz I met a 32 year old guy that had been volunteering there for a while. I thought he was ridiculous — and now I am 36.
7- Not wanting to come back :)