Ext. Palomino Beach Reception. Day.

  • Hi Estela, I spoke with you yesterday to make a reservation for today for a couple of nights

  • Ah yes, Pola, right?

  • Yes, that’s right!
Estela checks her notebook.
  • Well, Pola, it seems like we are all booked and there are no rooms available

  • But I have a reservation — and you remember our call

  • Yes, I’m very sorry

  • I don’t understand. Yesterday you had a room which I reserved and today you gave it to someone else?

  • Yes, that is correct

  • Why didn’t you wait for me? I told you I would arrive at 1 and it is now 1.

  • Well, because they paid and you did not put a deposit on it

  • But Estela, you did not ask me for a deposit. And yesterday I asked you if you needed my credit card details and you said that no, that we were fine

  • Yes, I remember

  • So what do we do now?

  • Well, I told you we have no rooms

  • Ok, can we please find a solution? I just got off a long bus ride and took a motorcycle taxi (as in a guy on a motorcycle who put my backpack on top of the handlebars and me behind) to get here

  • Well, we do have one room with 2 bunk-beds you can have for more expensive than the other one and maybe tomorrow we will have a room

  • Ok, whatever Estela. I’ll take it. Just one question — does it have hot water?

  • We have hot water for tea in the kitchen in the morning

  • That’s nice but what about the shower?

  • Hot water in the shower?

  • Yeah

  • Haha, no, we don’t do that here.