The journey continues

I am writing this from my new (and still empty) apartment in Astoria, Queens, NY, US.
Me and my love arrived here exactly two weeks ago and within one week we had already:
  • Issued all bureaucratic stuff (bank, government, stuff)
  • Looked, found, applied for and moved into an apartment
  • Started work
As a seasoned immigrant, I knew these first weeks would be difficult and they did not disappoint. We were rejected at banks, left hanging by brokers, lost money in various ways and many more little things that I feel bad complaining about since I am well aware of how lucky I am to be doing this as I am.
New York is the home to several friends I love dearly — some I have seen and some I have not, but all have been immensely helpful and supportive and I am excited that soon, once I finish settling in, we will hang out without me being stressed, asking about medical insurance, grilling for information or just having my head somewhere else.
I should have guessed that the “trip” in One Trip Pony was going to be broader than a six month backpacking adventure. Much, much broader.
And so, the journey continues. Wish me luck.