This is how we improvise

When we left Israel we didn’t have much of a plan but we did agree that it would be fun to finish the trip with a visit to Dollywood (for me) and Disney World (for Avri). That would be our cherry on top. But since all we have here is time, I got to thinking that probably the end of our trip would be around August, and August is the worst possible month to go to theme parks. They are packed, lines to attractions can be over 3 hours, and you can wait over 30 minutes to get caramel corn. Anyone who has been there on summer vacation knows how much not-fun that is. We decided we shouldn’t wait until the end — we should somehow work it in to a time where it is low season for everybody. But going in the middle, for me, meant disrupting this narrative and getting into a new mindset I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to shake off again.
Pola: I don’t want to go and come back and have it be a month before we get used to South America again.
Avri: I don’t see why, I mean, we jump from tiny towns to huge cities here anyway.
Pola: Yeah but this is different. We are here in mostly untouched nature and we would be going to man-made capitalist dream craziness.
Avri: Yeah but it will be so much fun, and you will finally be in the Smokey Mountains.
Pola: Then maybe it’s best not to wait until the middle of the trip to go. Maybe it’s better to go when we finish Colombia and then fly back from there to a new country.
Avri: Ok but we are now in our last destination in Colombia.
Pola: Yeah.
Avri: So should we go now?
Pola: I don’t know.
Avri: I say, why not.
Pola: Ok :)
So, after we say goodbye to the beautiful coffee region in Southern Colombia, we will be flying for a little while to a different South, the one with fried chicken, abandoned railroad tracks and the theme park I have been dying to go to for years. So excited.