Imitation and Flattery

A year and a half ago I released “The Service Challenge” as my most ambitious project in the marketing space. It took almost a year to create because there was nothing like it out there. I pitched it as an interactive content platform based on the principles of gamification but I had no reference, no example, nothing except a clear vision in my head of what it was supposed to be. It miraculously got approved and off I went.

A big chunk of the time was spent researching technologies and platforms, modern advertisements and creative uses of interactivity. A lot of time was also spent creating summarized yet value packed content that was completely different than any other content we put out as a company. I worked with some of the smartest, most creative (and most generous) minds in the company as we set out to “turn the content wheel around” and stop talking about what we do, and start talking in the language, interests and scenarios of our customers. This too required me to research within all customer facing departments as well as strategists and analysts and I worked with a guy who wrote game challenges like a pro. After the content was done I collaborated with animators and developers to build it, and it was quite a difficult process because, again, there was no example to lean on – especially not for enterprise B2Bs. But we did it and overnight it became the highest performing, and most valuable marketing piece we had. It was our homepage home-runner, bringing in super qualified leads and allowing sales to start off their conversations with these prospects from a more focused and specific topic because the person had already experienced the Service Challenge.

Fast forward a year or so. I am now in a different company and I get a call from my good friend and colleague from my previous job telling me that in his new job they were looking for something innovative and creative and had about a month to do it, so they took my project as inspiration and came up with the “CX Challenge”. They had it up and running in just one month! I went into it and, at first, saw all the similarities. Then, I saw all the ways he made it his own and gave me a new, interesting and engaging experience. And now, seeing that the idea is out there with a life of its own, I feel happy, humbled and extremely, immensely and tremendously flattered.

Thanks for downloading!