Lost words

I changed the layout of my blog and lost my old posts. They are lost. In a time where everything is findable and nothing can really ever be erased, I permanently lost my posts. Such a weird feeling. As if I had something there that needed to be saved. A good reminder that even in the oh-so-sophisticated digital age, the volatile likes to pop up once in a while and slap us in the face. Just like the good old days when I lost things as if there was no tomorrow. And so, in honor of my lost blog posts, the 3 most memorable things I have lost:

– Age 10, a wallet with my year’s savings for a trip to Disneyworld. The wallet was left on the plane. I believe it had $137.

– A beautiful Mexican bow and arrow that I carried on board (the bow, not the arrows) in a long, multi-legged transatlantic flight only to leave on the sidewalk after the taxi dropped me off at my destination.

– A duffle bag with clothes I bought once in a 3 hour layover in NYC. I left the airport, went to Midtown Manhattan, bought a duffle bag, filled it with new stuff and returned to the airport sans the duffle bag.

So long old friends.

Thanks for downloading!