Series, movies and the endless internet narrative

If I wanted to soak in a character and experience real drama, nothing would be more effective than a 2 hour movie that promised to take me deep into that journey. It would have a beginning, a middle and an end, and that was comforting. However, with internet taking over our lives, that too has changed. Our need for a structured beginning->middle->end kind of went out the window when we started to spend endless hours in front of our computers experiencing only beginnings (and sometimes middles). We look at a website that leads us to another website, that leads us to another website, and so on and so forth. And we never get back to the first website that started it all. But now we start to realize that we do miss the narrative we can identify with and live through. In comes the shift towards tv series. Instead of committing to 2 hour movies we are now happy to commit to hundreds of hours of episodes and seasons, and why? Because we no longer need an “end”. We have become circus ponies that are tied down and only go around in circles. And we love it. In theory… To be honest, I think that closure is sometimes a really good thing.

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